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Welcome to the Fill In The Blanks home page! Fill In The Blanks is a series of postings on RMIM, i.e. the newsgroup. The series is intended as a supplement to the iTrans Song Book or ISB. The ISB is a collection of Indian-language (mainly Hindi or Urdu) song lyrics in the iTrans transcription scheme devised by Avinash Chopde. Fill In The Blanks is just one of many ISB sites. For a list of all the ISB sites, click here.

The Fill In The Blanks series derives its rationale from the fact that some of the songs in the ISB sites are incomplete. The series aims to supply stanzas that have been left out in the versions of the lyrics available at the Consolidated ISB. In addition to making missing stanzas available, an indirect goal of FITB is to foster discussion of the songs on RMIM.

Please use the links at left to learn more about the series. You can also view the articles posted in the series so far. The articles are indexed alphabetically or by serial number.


Last Modified May 23, 2001