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mai.nne bhejaa hai sa.ndesaa bahatii havaa_o.n me.n - Humse Hai Muqabala (1995)  

Lyrics: P K Mishra | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sujatha 
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mai.nne bhejaa hai sa.ndesaa bahatii havaa_o.n me.n %(i have sent the message in flowing airs) mai.nne bhejaa hai ise baa.Ndh ke baalo.n me.n %(i have sent it bound in the hairs) nadiyaa kii laharo.n me.n machhalii kii tarah machale.n %(on the waves of a river, it is dancing like a fish) do ha.nso.n kii tarah ham niil gagan me.n u.De.n %(we are flying in the blue sky like two swans) vo din kab aaye.nge jab ham-tum saath chale.n %(when will the day arrive when you and i will walk together)
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