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chho.D chalaa nirmohii teraa yahaa.N nahii.n ko_ii - Muthu Maharaja (2001)  

Lyrics: P K Mishra | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Hariharan 
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chho.D chalaa nirmohii teraa yahaa.N nahii.n ko_ii %(the one who was without affection is leaving you, now nobody is yours here) kal tak yahaa.N the jo tere aaj ban gaye dushman kyuu.N %(the ones who were your own only till yesterday, why have become enemies today) pyaar se bharii do aa.Nkhe.n aa.Nsu_o.n kii ye nadiyaa kyuu.N %(two eyes which were full of love, why is there a river of tears flowing in it) qismat tujhase ruuTh ga_ii kaise priit kii Dorii TuuT ga_ii %(the fate has got annoyed with you, how did the thread of love got snapped) maiyaa ko niShThur kah sakate ho zahar to magar vo de nahii.n sakatii -2 %(you can call your mother cruel, but she can't give poison) Kuun teraa bah ke jag se ye puuchhe kyaa hu_ii tujhase Kataa %(your blood should flow and asks the world, "what mistake did you commit?" kyaa hu_ii tujhase khataa u.D jaa re nirmohii teraa yahaa.N nahii.n ko_ii %(fly away, o the one without affection!, there is no one who is yours here) mahal kaho yaa chaubaaraa chho.D ke sabhii jaanaa hai %(be it a palace or an attic, one has to leave everything and go) jhuuTh se bharii ye duniyaa kyaa khonaa kyaa paanaa hai %(the world is full of falsehood, what is losing and what is gaining) jisane tujhako luuT liyaa samajho usakii qismat phuuT ga_ii %(the one who loots you, gets his fate sealed) himagiri se jo nikale ga.ngaa saagar me.n jaa milatii hai -2 %(the ganges that comes out of himalaya, goes and merges in the sea) kaise naate hai.n kaise rishte hai.n ko_ii na samajhaa %(what are these bonds, what are these relationships, no one could understand) ko_ii na samajhaa ruk jaa re nirmohii tujhase kahe har ko_ii %(please stay, o the one without affection!, everyone is urging you) kal tak jahaa.N tuu raajaa thaa aaj ban gayaa saadhuu kyuu.N %(the place where you were king only till yeasterday, why did you become a sage) kal tak luTaayaa dhan tuune aaj de diye aa.Nsuu kyuu.N %(you has distributed only money till yesterday, why did you give tears today) hamase hu_aa jo begaanaa kaise zi.ndaa rahe.nge tere binaa %(if you are becoming un-related with us, how will we live without you) sukh aur dukh me.n jo saathii hai yaad usii kii rah jaatii hai -2 %(whoever is the companion of pleasure and sorrow, his memory remains with us) ham sabakii yahii binatii hai tujhase chho.D ke yuu.N naa jaa %(it is the plea to you from all of us, do not go leaving us) dil to.D ke yuu.N na jaa %(don't go breaking our heart)
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