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haay jaanaa.N haay jaanaa.N le ke jaa.N naa jaanaa - Pukar (1999)  

Lyrics: Majrooh | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sujatha 
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haay jaanaa.N haay jaanaa.N le ke jaa.N naa jaanaa %(oh my life, taking my soul, don't depart) tuune qadar merii jaanii nahii.N jaanaa.N %(you could not know my importance, oh my life) kaisii huu.N mai.n kyaa huu.N tuune kahaa.N jaanaa %(how am i, what am i, you could never know) dil ke aramaa.N wo kyaa ho gaye %(but what happened to the desires of the hearts) sapane suhaane sab kho gaye %(beautiful dreams are now all lost) dil ko jalaa kar ke piyaa %(having ignited my heart, o lover) ha.Nsatii huu.N mai.n jaise diyaa %(I am laughing like an earthen lamp) dekhe zamaanaa %(let the world watch) ##second part## khel ye aisaa jazabaatii hai %(the game is such emotional) jaan hii isame.n chalii jaatii hai %(lives get lost in it ) chaahe.n vo jaa.N jisakii bhii ho %(that life may be of anyone) vo merii ho yaa terii ho %(that may be mine or yours) sun le fasaanaa %(listen the tale)
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