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qismat se tum hamako mile ho kaise chho.De.Nge - Pukar (1999)  

Lyrics: Majrooh | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sonu Nigam, Anuradha Paudwal 
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qismat se tum hamako mile ho kaise chho.De.Nge %(luck has enabled you to become mine, how can i let go) ye haath ham naa chho.De.Nge %(these hands i will not let go) phir se banatii taqadiiro.N ko %(the destinies which are again falling in line) aramaano.n kii za.njiiro.n ko %(the shackles of desires) jaanam ab naa to.De.Nge %(o my life, now I will not snap) kyaa kahuu.N kaise lagate hai.N dil pe zulfo.N ke saaye %(I can't describe, how these feel on my heart, the shadows of your hairlocks) ko_ii bhuulaa raahii jaise ma.nzil paa jaaye %(as if some lost traveller reaches his destination) yaa ko_ii dil toofaan kaa maaraa %(or some heart, troubled by storm) dard kii laharo.N me.n aavaaraa %(wandering among the waves of sorrow) ko_ii pyaaraa pyaar kaa saahil paa jaaye %(some dear one, reaches the shore of love) Tuka.De dil ke ham-tum mil ke phir se jo.De.Nge %(the pieces of heart, you and i, together, will reassemble ) ye shiishaa phir se jo.De.Nge %(this glass, we shall reassemble) yuu.N sharmaatii yuu.N ghabaraatii aise simaTii-simaTaa_ii %(feeling shy, feeling worried, shrinking, shrunk) o mere baalam yuu.N hii nahii.N mai.n jaate-jaate lauT aa_ii %(o my lover, not that without any reason have i returned from my departure) vo preet merii pahachaanii tuune %(that you have recognised my love) merii qadar to jaanii tuune %(you have ascertained my importance) ab dil jaagaa hosh me.n chaahat ab aa_ii %(now heart has woken up, now love has come to senses)
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