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tere aane kii jab khabar mahake - Saher (Non-Film) (2000)  

Lyrics: Navaaj Devbandi | Music: Jagjit Singh | Singer(s): Jagjit Singh 
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tere aane kii jab khabar mahake terii khushbuu se saaraa ghar mahake tere aane kii ... shaam mahake tere tasavvur se shaam ke baad phir sahar mahake tere aane kii ... raat bhar sochataa rahaa tujhako zahan-o-dil mere raat bhar mahake tere aane kii ... yaar aa_e to dil munavvar ho diid ho jaa_e to nazar mahake tere aane kii ... vo gha.Dii do gha.Dii jahaa.N baiThe vo zamii.n mahake vo shajar mahake tere aane kii ...
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