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kariye naa haa.N kariye naa ko_ii vaadaa kisii se kariye naa - Taal (1999)  

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sukhvindar Singh, Alka Yagnik 
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saa saa re saa saa gaa maa gaa re re saa re saa saa yaaraa yaaraa yaaraa ho %(friends) kariye naa haa.N kariye naa ko_ii vaadaa kisii se kariye naa %(do it not, don't make any promise to anyone) kariye kariye ho kariye kariye to vaadaa phir to.Diye naa %(but if you have to do it, please don't then break the promise) haath kisii kaa paka.Diye naa paka.Diye to phir chho.Diye naa %(don't hold the hands of anyone, but if you do then please 't let go of that hand) mainuu.N khich pai.ndii e %(something has got in me) siine vich pai.ndii e %(something has gone in my chest) o mai.nnuu.N kuchh ho gayaa duniyaa kai.ndii e %(oh, something has happened to me, that's what the world is saying) o is kuchh kaa naam javaanii hai ye umr badi diiwaanii hai %(oh, the name of this something is youth, this age is quite intoxicating) tuum tanananaa tuum tanananaa tuum tanananaa nananaa naa sachche sab sapane lagate hai.n begaane apane lagate hai.n %(all dreams appear to be true, strangers appear to be our own people) apano.n se mu.Nh mo.Diye naa sapano.n ke piichhe dau.Diye naa %(please don't turn away from your own people, please don't run after the dreams) ainaa badalaa de naal mai.n ju.D jaavaa.N %(may i become combined with him) ban jaavaa.N mai.n u.D jaavaa.N %(i wish i become a kite, and i fly) ko_ii paradesii aavegaa terii Dolii le jaavegaa %(somebody from a different place will arrive, he will carry you in your "doli", in which a bride goes to her groom's place) mai.n saarii rasame.n to.Duu.Ngii baabul kaa ghar nahii.N chho.Duu.Ngii %(i will break away from all the rituals, but i will not leave the home of my father) taqadiiro.n kaa mu.Nh kholiye naa chup rahiye bas kuchh boliye naa %(please don't bare the face of fate, please be silent and don't speak anything)
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