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des mere ... dil se nikalegii na ... qasam tumako vatan vaalo.n - The Legend Of Bhagat Singh (2002)  

Lyrics: Sameer | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sukhvindar Singh/ A R Rahman, Sukhvindar Singh/ Sukhvindar Singh 
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dil se nikalegii naa mar kar bhii vatan kii ulfat %(even if I die, the faith in my nation will not get removed from my heart) merii miTTii se bhii Kushbuu-e-vatan aayegii %(the fragrance of the nation will erupt even from my grave) des mere des mere merii jaan hai tuu -2 %(o my nation!, o my nation, you are my life) des mere des mere merii shaan hai tuu -2 %(o my nation!, o my nation, you are my pride) sunaa_ii thii jo bachapan me.n vo hii lorii sunaa de maa.N %(O mother! please sing again the same lullaby you had sung in my childhood) tuu apanii god me.n ab chain se mujh ko sulaa de maa.N %(o mother! rest my head in your lap, and make me sleep) tere charaNo.n me.n sab kuchh ham luTaane se nahii.n Darate %(we are not afraid to sacrifice everything we have in your feet) %Part 2: des mere des mere merii jaan hai tuu -2 des mere des mere merii shaan hai tuu -2 miTaane se nahii.n miTate Daraane se nahii.n Darate %(We do not get erased when someone tries to erase us, we do not get afraid when someone tries to make us fearful) vatan ke naam pe ham sar kaTaane se nahii.n Darate %(we do not get afraid for getting beheaded for our nation) hazaaro.n Kvaab roshan hai.n sulagatii sii nigaaho.n me.n %(thousands of dreams are illuminated in the burning stares) qafan ham baa.Ndh ke nikale hai.n aazaadii kii raaho.n me.n %(we have come out in the paths of freedom already wearing the cloth that will be used to wrap our corpses) nishaane pe jo rahate hai.n nishaane se nahii.n Darate %(those who remain on the target do not get afraid when guns target them) hamaarii ek manzil hai hamaaraa ek naaraa hai %(ours is a single destination, ours is a single slogan) dharam se jaat se jyaadaa hame.n ye mulq pyaaraa hai %(that this nation is more loveable to us compared to our individual religion or caste) ham is pe zindagii apanii luTaane se nahii.n Darate %(we do not get afraid on sacrificing our life on this nation) %Part 3: qasam tum ko vatan vaalo.n kabhii maayuus mat honaa %(swear, you citizens of our nation, never to get depressed) manaanaa jashn-e-aazaadii na mere vaaste ronaa %(celebrate the ceremonies of freedom rather than crying for us) nigaahe.n maut se bhii ham milaane se nahii.n Darate %(we do not get afraid looking eyeballs to eyeballs with death)
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