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ai chaa.Ndanii terii chaahate.n dil se nahii.n chhuuT rahii.n - Tu Hi Mera Dil (1995)  

Lyrics: P K Mishra | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): S P Balasubrahmanyam 
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ai chaa.Ndanii terii chaahate.n dil se nahii.n chhuuT rahii.n %(o moonlight, your love is not getting separated from my heart) saa.Nso.n me.n hai terii aarazuu saa.Nse.n nahii.n TuuT rahii.n %(your desire is in my breaths, my breaths are not snapping up) tuu hai merii jaan-e-jahaa.N itanaa na bhuul jaanaa %(you are the life of my world, don't forget this) tere binaa jaan-e-vafaa jaa_uu.N to jaa_uu.N kahaa.N %(without you, o the life of faith, where do i go) chaahatii ho tum kise ik baar bol do tum %(whom do you love, you speak up once) kis ne hai teraa dil liyaa itanaa to bataa do tum %(who has taken your heart, you tell me this much) jaan-e-vafaa jaan-e-vafaa jiinaa kahaa.N ye to bataa %(o the life of faith, where do i live, tell me this) hamadam merii qismat merii kis baat se ruuTh ga_ii %(o my breathing, on which issue, my fate has got annoyed) dekh le tuu ek nazar ai man ke miit sun le %(look at me one eyesight, o the friend of my mind, listen) zi.ndagii tere naam hai gaatii hai priit sun le %(the life is in your name, the love is singing, listen) tere pyaar me.n tere pyaar me.n dil jal rahaa meraa pyaar me.n %(in your love, my heart is on fire in love) pahale se hii jo luT chukaa tuu phir kyuu.N luuT rahii %(who has already been looted, why are you looting again)
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