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dhiime.n\-dhiime.n gaa_uu.N huu.N dhiire\-dhiire gaa_uu.N - Zubeidaa (2000)  

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Kavita Krishnamurthy 
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dhiime.n-dhiime.n gaa_uu.N huu.N dhiire-dhiire gaa_uu.N haule-haule gaa_uu.N tere liye piyaa %(i am singing slowly, for you, o my lover) gun-gun mai.n gaatii jaa_uu.N chhun-chhun paayal chhanakaa_uu.N %(i keep on humming and singing, i am making jingle sounds with silver jwelry on my feet) sun-sun kab se doharaa_uu.N piyaa piyaa piyaa %(please listen, since long i am repeting, o lover) gulashan mahake-mahake ye man bahake-bahake %(the gardens are full of fragrance, these minds are intoxicated) aur tan bahake-bahake kyuu.N hai.n bataa piyaa %(these bodies are not in control, why is it so, o lover) man kii jo haalat hai ye tan kii jo ra.ngat hai ye %(this condition of the mind, this color of the body) terii mohabbat hai ye piyaa piyaa piyaa %(this is caused by your love, o lover) piyaa piyaa o zi.ndagii me.n tuu aayaa to dhuup me.n milaa saayaa to jaage nasiib mere o %(when you arrived in my life, i received pleasant shadow in the scorching sunlight, my fate has become good) anahonii ko thaa honaa dhuul ban ga_ii hai sonaa aake kariib tere o %(the impossible was to happen, the dust has turned into gold, when i came near you) kahuu.N aur kyaa tujhe mai.n piyaa o %(what more can i tell you, o lover) terii nigaaho.n me.n huu.N terii hii baaho.n me.n huu.N %(i am in your eyesights, i am in your arms) Kaabo.n kii raaho.n me.n huu.N piyaa piyaa piyaa %(i am onto the pathways of my dreams, o lover) piyaa piyaa o mai.nne jo Kushii paa_ii hai jhuum ke jo rut aa_ii hai badale naa rut vo kabhii o %(the happiness that i have achieved, the season that has come in full swing, may that season never change) dil ko devataa jo laage sar jhukaa hai jisake aage TuuTe naa but vo kabhii o %(the one whom the heart feels god, the one in front of whom the head bows, may that statue never get demolished) kitanii hai miiThii kitanii suhaanii tuune sunaa_ii hai jo kahaanii %(how sweet how beautiful is the story the that you have recounted to me) mai.n jo kho ga_ii na_ii ho ga_ii o %(the more i indulged in that, the newer i became) aa.Nkho.n me.n taare chamake raato.n me.n juganuu damake %(the stars shone in the eyes, the fireflies glittered in the nights) miT gaye nishaa.N gam ke piyaa piyaa piyaa %(the scars of worries disappeared, o lover)
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