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mai.n un kii ban jaa_uu.N re - Hamari Baat (1943)  

Lyrics: Pt. Narendra Sharma | Music: Anil Biswas | Singer(s): Parul Ghosh 
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mai.n un kii ban jaa_uu.N re pal chhin unakaa pa.nth nihaaruu.N nainan diip jalaa_uu.N mai.n nainan diip jalaa_uu.N mai.n un kii ban jaa_uu.N re ... kha.Dii rahii huu.N mai.n piyaa ke path me.n aaye vo~ aaye vo chandaa ke rath me.n mai.n man hii man ??? lagaa_uu.N duur kha.Dii sharamaa_uu.N mai.n solah si.ngaar karuu.Ngii aaye rii sakhii~ aaye rii sakhii mai.n ??? bhole man ke aramaano.n kii jayamaalaa pahanaa_uu.N mai.n jayamaalaa
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