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Dholanaa - Dil To Paagal Hai (1997)  

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi | Music: Uttam Singh | Singer(s): Lata , Udit Narayan 
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ab tak chup baiThe ab to kuchh hai bolanaa kuchh tum bolo kuchh hum bole.n, o Dholanaa mar jaanaa thaa ye bhed nahii.n thaa kholanaa o Dholanaa do chaar kadam pe tum the do chaar kadam pe ham the do chaar kadam ye lekin sau miilo.n se kyaa kam the phir usape kadam kadam pe, dil kaa Dolanaa haay Dolanaa o Dholanaa ... lo jiit gaye tum hamase hum haar gaye is dil se aayaa hai aaj labo.n pe ye pyaar ba.Dii mushakil se is pyaar me.n hamako paagal na kar chho.Danaa na chho.Danaa o Dholanaa ...
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