Article: 271 (ATMJH)
Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#271)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 13:58:39 +0530 (IST)

                        Unsung Musicians - 5

        Song: Yaad Aa Ke Hur Dam Sataaye, Aaj Taqdir Luti Hum Bhi

        Film:   Piya Milan (1958)
        Music:  Ramesh Naidu
        Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri
        Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
        *ing:   ?

Composer of this song, reminds me of Madan Mohan. Song is  not  a
soft  one,  as  Lata sings higher, and by this time Lata's golden
phase was coming to an end.  But song is haunting. Very appealing
tune, one would instantly accept by heart - and hence this aspect
of  composition  along  with  some  similarity  of  orchestration
reminds  me  of  Madan  Mohan.  Many  months back during one mail
exchange Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote to me:  "...  Its  the  dubbed
version  of  Tamil  Hit  "marma veeran" (MD: vEdaa)." From what I
learned from him, Ramesh Naidu was a  big  name  in  Telugu  film
music scene.

Author: Snehal B. Oza