Article: 277 (ATMJH)
Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#277)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 14:00:11 +0530 (IST)

        Song: Bol Bole Na Jaane Waale, Sun To Le Diwaanon Ki
                Ab Nahi Dekhi Jaati Hum Se, Ye Haalat Armaano Ki

        Film:   Armaan (1953)
        Music:  S D Burmon
        Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan? (or Sahir Ludhianwi)
        Singer: Talat Mehmood, Asha Bhosle
        *ing:   Dev Aanand, Ashok Kumar?, ?

I wonder how many times Asha showed that even if  she  was  given
only  some  humming  or just one line to repeat in entire song at
different interval, she can create an aura with her  sweet  voice
and  force you to believe that without her singing - however less
it may be - there will be a big  void  in  it.  This  is  another
glorious  example  of  her strength. Entire (well almost) song is
carried by Talat so beautifully; Asha's 'Chaahe  Kitnaa  Bhi  Tum
Bulaaoge Nahi Bolungi, Nahi Bolungi' part is nothing but icing on
top of desert. Song has very few instrumental support to  vocals.
In fact Asha's one-liner is the only thing one can associate with
"interludes" !!

Since I am at this song, let me also mention that, this song  can
be considered as tandem, since there is happy fullfledged version
of Asha one-liner too. Which is delightful.

With Sachindeb Burmon's anniversary close by,  I  will  post  two
more songs composed by him this week.

Author: Snehal B. Oza