Article: 286 (ATMJH)
Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#286)
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 05:00:17 +0530 (IST)

Tomorrow is Roshan's anniversary. Presenting one  of  his  finest
work  -- today's song must be included in his best 10 songs. When
we talk about soft, melodious songs, C. Ramchandra's name come to
mind.   Difference   between  Roshan's  melody  and  that  of  C.
Ramchandra's or for that matter any  other  is  that  element  of
emotional  charge  --  kind  of static in electrical engg term --
which  passes  through   listener's   heart!   His   tunes,   his
orchestration,  his  arrangement along with some of the best work
of very good song writers of that  time;  creates  those  musical
currents  that  knows no resistance whatsoever. You feel charged,
especially if you are sentimental person. Well,  that  effect  is
not  much  visible  in 1960s but his early work definitely shows.
Today's ATMJH is one such example.

        Song: Muhobat Ek Shola Hai, Bachaa Daaman Zamaane, Bachaa
Daaman Zamaane
                Hue Hum Khaq Yun  Jal  Ke,  Jale  Koi  To  Jaane,
Bachaa Daaman Zamane

        Film:   Aagosh (1953)
        Music:  Late Roshan
        Lyrics: Kaif Irfani
        Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
        *ing:   Nasir Khan, Nutan

Kaif has been my favourite song writer besides master of the art,
Shailendra.  He has wrote some very touching lines for this song,
delivered so well by Lata. All that is good; but I can't  imagine
this  song  creating  any waves, even with Lata, without Roshan's
brilliant composing. The pieces of  string  instrument  (violin?)
along  with  heart stealing sitar note used as interludes are one
of the most effective interludes  I  have  heard.  The  one  that
"sings" themselves! They are not merely fillers. A masterpiece of
instrumentation enhancing a great tune. I have no  doubt  anybody
can  ever  escape aura of this song once he/she hears it. And yet
it sounds simple! Orchestration is not heavy -- not by any means!
But then simplicity is key to reach higher plateau.

BTW, this film may be considered for desert island!  It  features
Hemant  Kumar,  Kishor  Kumar and Sandhya? Mukherjee besides Lata

Normally, I don't write what will  be  next  post,  but  here  is
exception  to that rule. Monday's ATMJH will feature a film where
Lata Mangeshkar and O P Nayyar shared credits! That's in singer's
list  appears  Lata  and  as  music  director's  name appears O P
Nayyar's name !!

Author: Snehal B. Oza