Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#451)
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:37:25 GMT


Guest post from Vijay Kumar. Vijay, you're guesses are quite accurate..
the singer IS Lata and the movie IS from 1952. I added some corrections
to the mukhdaa.



      Song :  dil pahalaa aur pyaar duus_raa tiis_ri javaanii
              ek raat ko mil gaye tiino ban gayii ek kahaanii

      Film:   Saaqi (1952)
      Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
      Music:  C Ramchandra
      Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan
      *ing:   Madhubala, Premnath

The singer definitely sounded like Lata, in her early days, maybe 1952-

This is a chirpy song, and Lata's voice bubbles with the effervescence
of new found love. I was mulling over the recent RMIM discussion on
expressions of feminine lust in Hindi films. The more common portrayal
of a woman in love in HFM is the coy declaration of love, the gasp of
surprise with which the female lead and/or her cohorts discover the
existence of the affliction known as love. Stereotyped and chauvinistic
though it be, it is this image that I love and prefer over the more
liberal and saucy one. Lata in her early years was wonderful at this
and sounds so believably shy, so subduedly delighted in her singing of
this song, like so many others. It immediately brings to mind zulmii aa.Nkh la.Dii re in its coltish pace and friskiness of mood.

The orchestral arrangement is dominated by a playful high-pitched flute
and the whole aura created is one of a pretty gaa.Nv ki gorii kind of
girl singing on some grassy knoll with the clouds, the wind and stray
goats as her only audience.



Guest Author: Vijay Kumar