Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#462)
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:00:25 GMT 

                          Pacific Duets - XIV


       Song:    chaand sa mukhadaa kyuun sharmaaya
                aankh mili aur dil ghabraaya...

       Film:    Insaan Jaag Utha (1959)
       Singer:  Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
       Music:   S D Burman
       Lyrics:  Shailendra
       *ing:    Madhubala, Sunil Dutt

This fragile song adheres to every known norm of romanticism there is
(one of them being the 'pacific' nature of the song), perhaps too much
to the letter. The diffused moonlight setting, the haystack, long
stares, blushes galore, and the soft, whispery rendition... all lead up
to the triumph of this universal cliche. A gorgeous duet featuring a
star pair that worked, as far as I know, in only two movies together
(the other one, Jwala, was released in 1971, two years after
Madhubala's death).

Who has written the song ? Even with its use of all common poetic
idioms, the song conveys a touching intimacy in its portrayal of newly-
found love, right from the prelude:
 natakhat taaron hamen na nihaaro
 hamri ye preet nayi...

going through all the bashfulness, the apprehensions, the reassurances,
and beneath it all, the underlying, unshakeable faith that they belong

 ye bhiige nazaare, karte hain ishaare (?)
 milne ki ye rut hai gori din hain hamaare
 sun lo piya pyaare, kya kehte hain taare
 hamne to bichhadte deke kitnon ke pyaare
 kabhi na alag hui kaaya se chhaya
 chaand sa mukhada...

I absolutely love this song.

Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit