Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#466)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:49:35 GMT 


       Song:    tere dar se khushi maangi
                magar gham de diya tuu ne
                are ye kya kiya tuu ne
                are ye kya kiya tuu ne

       Film:    Hangama (1952)
       Singer:  Lata Mangeshkar
       Music:   C Ramchandra
       Lyrics:  Rajendra Krishan
       *ing:    ?

Another lovely plaintive tune from this magical singer-composer-
lyricist duo. This song figures on EMI's "Great Maestro: Great
Melodies - C Ramchandra, Lata Mangeshkar" compilation, arguably one of
the best Lata compilations they have come out with.

Lata's emotiveness in this forlorn melody is unbelievable. Just
listening to the way she sings 'are ye kya kiya tuu ne' is sure to
bring a lump to your throat. The whole song is ineffably sad; a
genuinely hurt, fervent complaint that seems to stem from some serious
and unexpected breach of faith. CR's wistful tune does full justice to
the sentiments expressed in the words, but Lata's rendition takes it
way beyond simple justice; it makes you live them, and feel them and
empathize with them.

Avoidance of ornate metaphors and use of very simple, specific
statements of feelings always enhance the way a song speaks to you,
because they feel very honest and heartfelt. Sahir's poetry almost
always did this, and in this song, Rajendra Krishan does a wonderful
job of it...

  milegaa kya tujhe ulfat bhare is dil ko thukraakar
  tadapte jaayenge ham to agar tuu khush hai tadpaakar
  agar tuu khush hai tadpaakar
  jo tera hai usii dil par sitam kyuun-kar kiya tuune
  are ye kya kiya tuune ...

My favorite antaraa in the song.

I think I'll spend some posts on this EMI compilation. Lata/CR never


Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit