Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#468)
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:51:04 GMT 


       Song:    mehndi lagi thhi mere haath
                ho~o tum aaye thhe leke baraat
                ho~o piya yaad karo vo raat
                ho~o piya yaad karo vo raat

       Film:    Meenar (1954)
       Singer:  Lata Mangeshkar
       Music:   C Ramchandra
       Lyrics:  Rajendra Krishan
       *ing:    Bharat Bhushan, Bina Rai

Back to the Lata-CR compilation. This is the last song on Side A of the
EMI tape, from a movie that seems to have been 'inspired' by Mahal. A
rather lame clone, but it carries a great set of songs that salvages
it. Two of the most popular ones would be the Talat-Lata duet 'zaraa
mud ke to dekho saajana' and 'mehndi lagi thhi mere...'. The latter,
IMO, is the best song in the movie - sung by (the ghost of) Bina Rai, as
she tries to 'remind' B.Bhushan of his previous life.

The song starts off with a slow, very soft prelude:
    tum kaun ho hamaare, sitaaron se puuchh lo
    aur hum hain kyaa tumhaare, bahaaron se puuchh lo
    pehle bhi aa chuke hain idhar ek saath hum
    tum ko nahiin yakeen to kinaaron se puuchh lo

which is her musical response to a confused question from BB - 'ye to
bataao ke main tumhaara kaun huun ?' or some such. Then CR's signature
beat sets in to start the song off. A very lovely tune.

There is a great Talat solo early in this movie - 'kabhi tanhaai mein
aesi bhi ghadi aayi', picturized IIRC on Pran. One of his lesser-known
ones - Snehal had posted this, almost three years ago, on ATMJH (#155).

I'll post a couple of more songs from that compilation and then move on
to other songs and singers and things.


Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit