Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#470)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 22:55:47 GMT 


        Song:   ishq mein jo kuchh na hona thha wohi hone lagaa
                gham ki vaadi mein khushi kaa caarvaan khone lagaa

        Film:   Saaqi (1952)
        Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
        Music:  C Ramchandra
        Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan
        *ing:   Madhubala, Premnath

Turns out the Parchhain song from that compilation (also my favorite
from the movie)- 'kaTate hai.n dukh me.n ye din' - has already made
it's way to ATMJH in times of yore (Snehal's #156, 02/27/97).

But here's another song from around the same time-frame, from one of
those 'Persian' movies. Saaqi as a movie is quite absurd, but the
soundtrack is magnificent, probably most famous for the glorious Talat-
Lata duet 'kise maaluum thha ek din muhabbat bezubaa.n hogi'. This is
my favorite Lata solo from the movie, another archetypal CR track made
memorable by Lata's emotive rendition (and of course Madhubala).

The other huge favorite from this movie is the gentle 'aa gayi hai ishq
pe bahaar khatm hua hai intezaar' by Rafi & Lata, which will worm its
way into the Pacific Duets series one of these days.

That does it with Lata on ATMJH for a while. There are some death
anniversaries coming up (Kishore, Sahir, SDB, etc.), so I'll spend the
next few posts on the appropriate tributes.


Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit