Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#476)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 00:26:18 GMT



      Song:    mahak rahi phulwaari hamri
               mahak rahi phulwaari
               jhoom rahi hai daari daari, daari daari
               mahak rahi phulwaari

      Film:    Doctor (1941)
      Singer:  Pankaj Mullick
      Music:   Pankaj Mullick
      Lyrics:  A H Shor
      *ing:    ?

My favorite from this legendary, liberally Pankaj-Mullick-ed
soundtrack, boasting of such classics such as "chale pavan ki
chaal", "aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar", etc. What I find most appealing
about this joyous tune is exactly that- the joyousness that the tune
exudes; it's uplifting. A brisk, happy prelude sets the song off, that
retards a bit towards the end as Pankaj Mullick's soft voice sets in.
And then the original tempo returns... one of the charming touches is
the steep ascent in his rendition of 'phulwaari' towards the end of the
  mahak rahii phulwaa_RII hamrii... he suddenly lofts over an entire
octave for the "rii" in phulwaarii - it comes on rather unexpectedly
when you hear it the first time.

Pankaj Mullick is one singer I've started listening to a lot recently,
ever since I got hooked on to his "ye raaten ye mausam ye hansna
hansaana" (thanks to UVR). HMV's 'Piya Milan Ko Jaana - Hits of Pankaj
Mullick' is a rather nice compilation to have for anyone interested in
this legendary artiste - a good collection of film/non-film songs of

Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit