Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#477)
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 22:22:37 GMT



      Song:    main kya jaanu kya jaadu hai, jaadu hai, jaadu hai
               in do matvaale nainon mein, jaadu hai, jaadu hai...
               ek ek athaah saagar sa hai
               in do matvaale nainon mein, jaadu hai...

      Film:    Zindagi (1940)
      Singer:  K L Saigal
      Music:   Pankaj Mullick
      Lyrics:  Kidar Sharma(?)
      *ing:    K L Saigal, ?

In memory of KL Saigal on his fifty-third death anniversary, one of his
most intricate and enchanting melodies. Lata has said that the "kya" in
this song is one of the most difficult pieces of music composed as far
as singing goes. And he sails through these complexities with amazing
ease and effortlessness. Was this song a part of her tribute to him in
the "Shraddhanjali" compilations?

The antaraa of this song is almost identical to those of another Saigal
song "do naina matvaare tihaare" from 'My Sister' (1944), also composed
by Pankaj Mullick:

   man puuch rahaa hai ab mujhse
   nainon ne kahaa hai kya tujhse
   jab nain mile nainon ne kahaa
   ab nain basenge nainon mein
   (the 'milenge' in this line is another incredible feat)

The antaraa of the My Sister song begins something like:

   tan tan ke chalaaye teer
   nas nas mein uthaaye peer...

The immortal lori 'sojaa raajkumari' is probably what this soundtrack
is best remembered for.

Guest Author: Hrishi Dixit