Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#478)
Date: Fri 1/21/2000 4:22 PM PST


       Song:    apnaa samajh ke aankh milaane ka shukriyaa
                soyaa huaa naseeb jagaane ka shukriyaa

       Film:    Zindagi (1956)
       Singer:  Sudha Malhotra
       Music:   Mohammed Shafi
       Lyrics:  Kaifi Azmi
       *ing:    Geeta Bali, Vijayalaxmi, Jaswant(who?)

A gem from the lesser known Mohammed Shafi today. I think I'll spend
the next few posts on some songs by this composer; a host of lovely
tunes by him exist, from movies like Baazooband, Daara, Annadaata,
Hulchul, etc., only a handful of which have enjoyed commercial

I bet Sudha Malhotra's rendition in this one would fool even Vandana
Venkatesan into thinking it was Asha :-). Her enunciation, rendition
style and even her voice is perilously similar to Asha's in this song,
especially the "samajh ke" and the "shukriyaa"... had me properly
fooled the first time I heard it. A nice, nonchalant tune with a
somewhat casual air to it... even her 'thanking' seems kind of offhand
and tentative, almost as if she is being sarcastic when she says it. No
idea how this song is picturized, or what the situation in the movie
is, but provides a good arena for speculation.

Zindagi has a nice set of songs on its map - will revisit the
soundtrack at some point. Meanwhile, more Mohammed Shafi to follow...