Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#480)
Date: Thu 1/27/2000 10:00 AM PST


       Song:    bahaaron ke dole mein
                aayi hai javaani, aayi javaani
                aaj apni adaa pe hui main divaani
                haan-ji hui main divaani...

       Film:    Annadaata (1952)
       Singer:  Lata Mangeshkar
       Music:   Mohammed Shafi
       Lyrics:  Hasrat Jaipuri
       *ing:    Ajit, Veena

Annadaata is another splendid offering from Mohammed Shafi, and this
vibrant melody easily tops my list of picks from the soundtrack. It
breathes the same kind of chirpy exuberance that comes across in songs
like 'yahii bahar hai' (Raagrang), 'phaili hui hain sapnon ki baahen'
(House No 44), 'panchhi banuun udti phiruun' (Chori Chori), 'thandi
havaayen' (Naujawan), etc. A peppy, fascinatingly melodious tune that
captures the spirit of the song remarkably well:

   nazaare bhi mere kare hain nazaare
   mujhe chaand suuraj kare hain ishaare
   ye baadal bhi meraa dupatta hai dhaani
   haan-ji dupatta hai dhaani, bahaaron ke dole mein...

In other words (words of Browning, to be precise):
   The lark is on the wing
   The snail is on the thorn
   God is in His Heaven
   And all is right with this world

There, in a nutshell, lies the nub of the song.

I'm hoping to post songs from Annadaata on Latanjali soon, considering
that Lata makes up more than 80% of the map here.