Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#481)
Date: Mon 1/31/2000 2:39 PM PST


       Song:    koi pukaare dheere se tujhe
                aankhon ke taare, dil ke sahaare

       Film:    Mangu (1954)
       Singer:  Suman Kalyanpur
       Music:   Mohammed Shafi
       Lyrics:  Saba Afghani
       *ing:    Nigar Sultana, Sheikh Mukhtar

The gentle lori marked the first song sung by Suman Kalyanpur in HFM. A
pretty darned good debut, too... a sweet, linear tune which she has
sung very nicely - soft and well-emoted. There's a constant, breezy
humming going on in the background, which adds to the serenity of the
song. The lyrics carry the usual kind of warm intimacy associated with
most loris:

   chhup gaya chanda baadal ki odhani mein
   kho gayi duniya nindiya ki raagini mein
   nindiya ki raagini mein
   tuu bhi sojaa raajdulaare, dil ke sahaare
   koi pukaare...

O P Nayyar also composed four of the songs in this movie, including
Asha's "man more gaa jhoomke".