Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#482)
Date: Mon 2/14/2000 6:24 PM PST


       Song:    paapi duniya se door aao chale ji huzoor
                yahaan jeena hai qusoor, koi kya jiye
                haaye, koi kya jiye

       Film:    Rail Ka Dibba (1953)
       Singer:  Shamshad Begum
       Music:   Ghulam Mohammed
       Lyrics:  Shakeel Badayuni
       *ing:    Madhubala, Shammi Kapoor, Sajjan

Today (Feb 14) marks the sixty-seventh birth anniversary of Madhubala.
A couple of her relatively lesser known tunes, in remembrance.

I'm not exactly fascinated by Shamshad Begum's voice, and often lunge
for the skip button when she starts tooting, but there a few songs in
her repertoire that I do like and enjoy. Her tracks from Rail Ka Dibba
belong to that set. Though her voice does not suit Madhubala at all, he
has done a great job in this movie (which incidentally was Shammi K's
debut), with songs like this one, "chhum chhuma chhum paayal
baaje", "sajan dheere dheere aangan more aao ji"(or something like
that). There are two rather catchy Rafi-Shamshad duets in the movie
too: "duniya javaan hai..." and "laa de mohe baalamaa aasmaani
chudiyaan". The  first one is picturized on Cuckoo and Sajjan, and the
second SEEMS like a song that would be on Cuckoo, but is missing from
the video of the movie.

Quite a decent movie too... all about human kindness land large-
heartedness in the face of adversity, with a love triangle thrown in
for good measure. Good performances all around and some good characters
too, especially Om Prakash in a friendly/brotherly role to Shammi and

There's a nice Asha devotional song in the movie - "bhagvaan teri
duniya mein insaan nahiin hain". Rather poignant.

Will get back to Mohd Shafi after the tribute.