Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#483)
Date: Wed 2/23/2000 11:48 AM PST


       Song:    ae aankh ab na rona, rona to umr bhar hai
                pii jaaye aansuon ko, bas vo jigar jigar hai
                bas vo jigar jigar hai...

       Film:    Sipahiya (1949)
       Singer:  Lata Mangeshkar, Chitalkar
       Music:   C Ramchandra
       Lyrics:  Ram Murti Chaturvedi
       *ing:    Madhubala, Yakub

In remembrance of Madhubala's thirty-first death anniversary that
passes today (Feb 23).

A gem from one of the many CR treasures that came out around the 1949-
53 timeframe, like Sangeeta, Hangaama, Namoona, Khazana, Jhamela,
Jhaanjhar, Nirala, etc. There's so many of them, and most of the songs
sound so similar, it is impossible to map songs to movies without the
aid of referential apparatus, like a geet kosh.

Lovely renditions by both Lata and CR here, piping out a tune that can
be recognized as a CR melody from a mile away. Lata's fresh, early
voice is as ineffable a joy to listen to as ever, and I can only just
imagine (not having seen the movie), the icing Madhubala provides
on this proverbial cake. (So basically I am just guessing this song is
picturized on her.)

A legion of lovely Lata tunes in this movie, like "hansi hansi na
rahii", "dard jagaake thes lagaake" and the soulful lament "aaraam ke
the saathi kya kya" which Neha had posted on LATAnjali a few eons ago.


PS Ram Murti Chaturvedi who?