Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#485)
Date: Wed 3/22/2000 11:02 AM PST

Deja completely messed up the formatting of my earlier post... hopfully
this will be a tad more readable.



       Song:    nazaron men samaane se qaraar aa na sakega
                tum paas nahin, dil koi behla na sakega

       Film:    Hyderabad Ki Nazneen (1952)
       Singer:  Rajkumari
       Music:   Vasant Desai
       Lyrics:  Noor Lucknowi
       *ing:    Nigar, Wasti

In memory of the legendary, dulcet-voiced Rajkumari who passed away
recently. Another link to the past is broken. I think the one saddest
parts of this inevitability is the wealth of unshared memories of the
bygone days these people take with them.

This is undoubtedly one of the sweetest Rajkumari songs I have heard.
There is a short "aa" prelude before the "nazaron men...", a very simple
touch that creates an almost magical effect... especially in Rajkumari's
soft, slightly nasal articulation. I can't quite word her letter-perfect
rendition of this song... smooth yet deliberate, just the right
emphases, the right softenings (e.g. at the 'sakega's), etc..

Lovely lyrics too...

 tasveer nigaahon men hai khamosh tumhaari
 jo sun nahin sakti kabhi fariyaad hamaari
 ye khaali tasavvur kisi kaam aa na sakega
 tum paas nahin dil koi...

HKN is one trememdous soundtrack.. quite modest in terms of quantity
(just six songs) but phenomenal in quality, each of them. Scrolling down
the roster, there are two Talat solos ("duniya men jeena hi padega, jiye
ja", "keh rahi hai raat andheri ye jahaan kuchh bhi nahin"), two Lata
solos ("jaao chamka subah ka sitaara", "kya kya na log chal base"), this
Rajkumari gem and a Shamshad solo ("nigaahen ladte hi dil ka