Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#485)
Date: Wed 3/22/2000 11:02 AM PST

Been rather busy of late, which has caused a lapse in ATMJH. Here is a
guest article from Rahul Paravesh []. An archetypal
Anilda melody, delicately crafted and beautifully sung.



    Song:   loota hai zamane ne, qismet ne mitaaya hai
            ek baar hansaya tha, sau baar rulaya hai

    Film:   Do Raha (1952)
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Music:  Anil Biswas
    Lyrics: Prem Dhawan
    *ing:   ?

I am a great Anilda fan, and his compositions for Lata are in a
separate class by themselves. Here is a sample of the magic of the two.
As is Anilda's style, the orchestrization is much subdued and it is the
vocals of that carry this song through. Most of Anilda's songs have
different tunes set for the different 'sthayees'. And the hallmark of
his orchestration is the use of saxophone as an independent instrument,
making a sort of counter- melody in itself. Same here . The second
sthayee is my favourite as Lata takes off into a higher note after a
series of words on the lower octave :

       khamosh hoon is dar se, rusvaai na ho teri
       jo deep jalaya tha, woh deep bujhaya hai

Apparent here as to what sort of heroine to expect. But the musical
composition is great, and Lata is terrific.

The other and more often heard gem from this film is Talat's rendition
"Mohobbat turk ki maine". Another superb composition which again
follows the Anilda rules I had mentioned earlier.



Guest Author: Rahul Paravesh