Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#488)
Date: Fri 4/21/2000 3:58 PM PST

Another guest article from Rahul Paravesh, this time from the early



           Song:  saawan ki raaton me aisa bhi hota hai,
                  raahi koi bhoola hua toofanon me khoya hua,
                  raah pe aa jaata hai, aisa bhi hota hai

           Film:  Prem Patra (1963)
        Singers:  Talat Mahmood & Lata Mangeshkar
          Music:  Salil Chowdhury
         Lyrics:  Shailendra
    *ing:  ?

Though the time span referred to in the ATMJH series is pre-1950s, it
would not hurt one unduly to just glimpse at the beauties that flowed
in the 1960s especially from the batons of Roshan, Hemant Kumar and
Jaidev. To this list, I dont add Salil Chowdury who had a chequered
time in that decade at least in Bollywood but contrived to produce some
of  his finest compositions in 'Prem Patra'. Here is my pick form

A movie which bombed as few other movies have- but its songs remain
cherished treasures in any collection. Salilda was at his best here.
All were just beatific melodies. Let me start off with the listed song.
A rarely available number- but a must-hear. Its the best rain song done
IMO. The songs itself jumps from the lyric delivery by Talat and the
rendition by Lata.

           Teri nazar se ise dekh loon main
           Dil se mere tum yeh mehsoos kar lo;
           Toofan yeh mere dil se utha hai,
           Chaho to tum apne daman me bharlo.

Terrific- a real class song !!
Another equally beautiful Talat-Lata duet :

           Yeh mere andhere ujale na hote,
           Agar tum na aate meri zindagi me.

A more typical Salil da composition.
There are two more excellent songs in the soundtrack. One is a Lata

           Ab aur na kuch bhi yaad raha,
           Na teri wafa na meri mafa dil pyar me aisa doob gaya.

Excellent orchestration here.

And finally, a lovely Mukesh-Lata duet :

           Do akhiyaan jhuki jhuki si,
           Kaliyon se nazuk honton pe kavita ruki ruki si.

A really magnificent et of melodies fit to be compared with any of
da's bests of the 50s.



Guest Author: Rahul Paravesh