Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#489)
Date: Fri 5/12/2000 5:52 PM PST


       Song:    aa bhi jaa meri duniya men koi nahin
                bin tere kab talak yuun hi ghabraaye dil

       Film:    Daaera (1953)
       Singer:  Talat Mahmood
       Music:   Jamal Sen
       Lyrics:  Majrooh Sultanpuri
       *ing:    Meena Kumari, Nasir Khan

Two years and three days since Talat passed on. A few, in memoriam...

This dolorous musical nocturne rears up intermittently throughout this
movie as Nasir Khan silently yearns for the seemingly unapproachable
Meena Kumari. An atmospheric, deliberate melody exquisitely composed by
the incomparable Jamal Sen and rendered to perfection by Talat. The
song is set against a sparse, optimal instrumental backdrop, that
appropriately paints the picture of a dark, lonesome night, well-
aligned with the situations in the movie. Nice, intimate lyrics, too -

    chaandani ki tarah meri mehfil men aa
    koi aahat na ho is tarah dil men aa
    tu hi to mere khvaabon ki hai naazneen
    kyuun ne tere liye jhoom kar gaaye dil...

There's another lush Talat melody in the movie - "aansoo to nahin hain
aankhon men, pehlu men magar dil jalta hai". And of course, several
mentions have been made before of the priceless Mubarak Begum treasure
this soundtrack carries - "devta tum ho mera sahaara", "deep ke sang
jaluun main", "suno more naina", etc. An absolute rainbow of a
soundtrack from Jamal Sen, in every sense of the word.

Available on: Rare Gems Talat Mahmood (CD)
(or Rare Melodies... one of the two)