Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#490)
Date: Wed 6/7/2000 11:18 AM PST


       Song:    ae dil-e-nashaad ab jeene ki tamanna chhod de
                apne armaanon ki duniya ke minaaren tod de

       Film:    Hamaara Sansaar (1945)
       Singer:  Mohammed Rafi
       Music:   Pandit Govindram
       Lyrics:  Ramesh Gupta
       *ing:    ?

I'd started this Rafi series on ATMJH a few moons ago... random
circumstances having caused an unfortunate hiatus in the series (for
which I duly apologize), it got kind of sidelined. Would like to resume

Here's yet another equally arhaic offering, in that 'still-evolving'
(can't get over this adjective) voice of Rafi. My recording is at a tad
higher velocity than was intended, but the warm, fresh timbre is
unmistakable. At a few junctures, his voice trembles in a rather Talat-
esque fashion, which serves only to accentuate the aura of delicacy
that hovers around this lovely lament. Rafi pretty much carries this
tune on his own steam - not much of accompanying music while he
vocalizes, though the interludes are rich in it.

As with the earlier song in the series, this one too is rather
challenged in terms of length, and again, as with the earlier one,
leaves you longing for more.

Availability: Not sure if it's commercially released