Guest articles

I wish to experiment with series ATMJH, by introducing a "guest article" feature As we know, RMIM community has lots of knowledge about old songs. Will it be a nice idea to have every alternate Sunday posts (or more frequent, depending on response) dedicated to "ATMJH guests"? ATMJH guest can be anyone on net, who wish to contribute to this series.

If the experiment is worth carrying out, I would request people out there to mail me their articles on old song/film. Let me summarise the guidelines (if you want to call it so :))

	1. Song should be from a film made before 1961. [ That means
	   songs of 1960 _will_ qualify for the series. ]

	2. No repetition please. That's songs once discussed in the
	   series will not be allowed to reappear.
	3. All other songs from the film is allowed to get
	   mention. Also allowed is any other relevant information (be
	   it some other song or other associated event etc.).

	4. There is no restriction on selecting song and/or length of
	   article :) If one feels the song is good and is worth a
	   berth in ATMJH, it is welcome, provided it meets {1}

	5. Sharing information about availability of the song highly

	6. Articles should reach me, by Friday 1800 hrs IST (minimum
	   two days in advance). Sorry about this, but I may not be in
	   office on Saturdays and Sundays.

OK, let's make it short :) Does this sound good ? If yes, I will be eager to hear from you [ that will ease load on me :) ] else, treat this post as one more junk from me :))


PS: Invitation is open, just jump in :)