Fill In The Blanks [26]

sur naa saje, kyaa gaauu.N mai.n

Contributed by U. V. Ravindra and Surajit A. Bose

Note: The complete version of this song is now in the consolidated ISB. The original FITB article is retained here for archival purposes.

Film: Basant Bahar (1956)
Singer: Manna De
Music: Shankar Jaikishan
Lyrics: Shailendra
ISB Contributor: Anurag Shankar

sur naa saje kyaa gaauu.N mai.n \- 2
sur ke binaa, jiivan suunaa \- 2
sur naa saje kyaa gaauu.N mai.n
sur naa saje ...

dono.n jahaa.N mujhase ruuThe \- 2
tere binaa ye giit bhii jhuuThe \- 2
sur naa saje ...

(sa.ngiit man ko pa.nkh lagaae
giito.n se rimajhim ras barasaae ) \- 2
svar kii saadhanaa ...
svar kii saadhanaa parameshvar kii
sur naa saje ...

Part I, by UVR: This is the version of the song one gets to hear in most recordings. The three cassette Golden Collection set of Classical Songs from Films, however, contains an obviously remixed version of the song sung by a much-mellowed and aged Manna De. This version has an additional stanza between "dono.n jahaa.N ..." and "sa.ngiit man ko...." It goes:

taT se lagii nadiyaa gaave \-2
pii tum kahaa.N papiihaa gaave \-2
sur naa saje ...
Part II, by Surajit: There is yet another stanza to this song. It appears to be more commonly heard than the stanza given above.
jalataa gayaa jiivana meraa \-2
is raat kaa na hogaa saveraa \-2
sur naa saje ...
From my radio days, I remember this as the second stanza. So I don't know whether the stanza UVR provides fits before or after this one.

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