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Articles by Saeed Malik from Pakistan

Article No. Description
284 Pakistani vocalist hits American pop chart (Mahmood Khan)
285 Brass bands - A tradition that still lives on
286 A man of several golden jubilees - Mohammad Luthfullah Khan
287 A spokesman of our melodic culture - Salamat Ali Khan
288 Ghulam Hassan Shaggan: an inveterate classical vocalist
289 Lahore's female classical vocalists
290 The Golden Era Of Pakistani Films
291 Rivalries among musicians
292 Melodic ghazal racing towards classicism
293 Hari Prasad Chaurasia -Music that went straight to the heart
294 Invaluable treasure of music
295 Takia Meeraasian - The lost fountain-head of melodic wisdom
296 Remembering Ustad Umrao Bundoo Khan
297 Setting the recording straight - Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
298 Melodies of Saeen Marna
299 The art of instrument-making
300 Sarangi maestro Ustad Bundoo Khan
301 The origin of Orchestra
302 Recorded music of brass band - Sohni band
303 Mehdi Hassan's stylistic songs
304 The Gharana phenomenon
305 Mala - The forgotten singer
306 Ameer Ahmed Khan - vocalist w/ difference
307 The phenomenon Raushan Ara Begum was
308 Hamid Ali Bela sings his heart out
309 Feroze Nizami - in search of excellence
310 Mary Ali - Turning exotic into quixotic
311 Master Inayat Hussain
312 The efficacious Taanpura
313 Master Ghulam Haider
314 Khurshid Anwar - a composer's composer
315 Pandit Jasraj - meditative music
316 Habib Khan Ghouri - Sitar
317 Musical memories of Madan Mohan
318 Sarod - a sweet sounding instrument
319 Beautiful dances of Sri Lanka

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