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rut aa ga_ii re rut chhaa ga_ii re - 1947 Earth (1999)  

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sukhvindar Singh, Chorus 
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rut aa ga_ii re rut chhaa ga_ii re %(oh! the season has come, oh! the season has spread allover) piilii-piilii saraso.n phuule %(yellow musturd has flowered) piile-piile patte jhuume.n %(yellow leaves are swinging) piihuu-piiihuu papihaa bole %(the sparrow hawk is cooing) chal baag me.n %(come with me to the garden) dhamak-dhamak Dholak baaje %(the drums are thumping) chhanak-chhanak paayal chhanake %(a silver ornament having tiny bells worn on ankles is making sounds) khanak-khanak ka.nganaa bole %(the bracelet is speaking) chal baag me.n %(come (with me)to the garden) chunarii jo terii u.Datii hai u.D jaane de %(if your scarf flies away, let it fly away) bi.ndiyaa jo terii giratii hai gir jaane de %(if your ornament wore on forehead falls, let it fall) giito.n kii mauj aa_ii %(a wave of songs has arrived) phuulo.n kii fauj aa_ii %(an army of flowers has arrived) nadiyaa me.n jo dhuup ghulii sonaa bahaa %(when sunlight got dissolved into the river, giving the color as if gold has flown) ambu_aa se hai lipaTii ek bel bele kii %(a creeper of jasmine has coiled around the mango tree) tuu hii mujh se hai duur aa paas aa %(only you are at a distance from me, come near) mujh ko tuu saa.Nso.n se chhuu le %(you touch me with your breaths) jhuul in baaho.n ke jhuule %(swing in the swings of these arms) pyaar tho.Daa saa mujhe de ke %(give me a little love) mere jaan-o-dil tuu le %(you take my life and heart) tuu jab yuu.N sajatii hai %(when you get decorated like this) ek dhuum machatii hai %(a pandemonium commences) saarii galiyo.n me.n saare baazaar me.n %(in entire streets, in entire market) aa.Nchal basa.ntii hai us me.n se chhanatii hai %(the end of saari is the saffron color of spring season, it filters from that) jo mai.nne puujii hai muurat tihaare me.n %(that statue in you which i worship) jaane kaisii hai ye Dorii %(don't know what is this thread) mai.n ba.ndhaa huu.N jis se gorii %(with which i have got tied up, o faircolor girl) tere naino.n ne merii nii.ndo.n kii kar lii hai chorii %(your eyes have stolen my sleeps)
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