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raat kii daladal hai gaa.Dhii re gaa.Dhii re - 1947 Earth (1999)  

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sukhvindar Singh 
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raat kii daladal hai gaa.Dhii re gaa.Dhii re %(the quicksand of night is concentrated) dha.Dakan kii chale kaise gaa.Dii re gaa.Dii re %(how the vehicle of heartbeat is to continue) sahamii.n sahamii.n hai.n dishaa_e.n jaise kuchh khone ko hai %(the directions are frightened as if something is going to be lost) saa.Ns roke hai.n havaa_e.n jaane kyaa hone ko hai %(the air has stopped breathing whatever is going to happen) maut chhupii jhaa.Dii-jhaa.Dii re jhaa.Dii re %(death is hiding in every shrub) dil ke aa.Ngan me.n hai.n phaile saaye kaise Kauf ke %(the shadows of terror have spread in the land of heart) ro rahe hai.n yuu.N a.Ndhere kaa.Np jaa_e jo sune %(the darkness are weeping in such a way that whoever listens shivers) Duubii samay kii hai naa.Dii re naa.Dii re %( the pulse of time has sunk)
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