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yaa_ii re yaa_ii re zor lagaa ke naache re ... ho jaa ra.ngiilaa re - Rangeela (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Asha, Aditya Narayan 
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yaa_ii re yaa_ii re zor lagaa ke naache re %(put efforts and dance) yaa_ii re yaa_ii re mil ke dhuum machaaye.n re %(we shall jointly creates chaos of enjoyment) chal mere le-le duniyaa ke %(walk alongwith me, get colored in the colors of the world) ho jaa ra.ngiilaa re ra.ngiilaa re %(become colorful, colors, colorful) itane cheharo.n me.n apane chehare kii pahachaan oho pahachaan oho %(among so many faces, there should be an identity of our face) ba.De-ba.De naamo.n me.n apanaa bhii naam-o-nishaan oho pahachaan oho %(among so many welknown names, there should be our name and recognition) jiine me.n phir to kyaa baat ho %(when that happens then the living a life will be worthwhile) din nayaa aur na_ii raat ho %(there will be new day and new night) har gha.Dii bas Kushii saath ho %(every moment just happiness will accompany us) are yaaro mere paas to aa_o merii mushqil duur bhagaa_o %(o, friends come near to me, solve my problem) ##cadbury## bole mai.n miiThaa huu.N amuul bole mai.n miiThaa huu.N %(cadbury choclate says it is sweet, its competitor choclate, amul, says it is sweet) ##horlicks## bole mai.n achchhaa huu.N ##complan## bole mai.n achchhaa huu.N %(the nutritional powder, horlics, says it is good, its competitor brand, comlan, says that it is good) kyaa sabane sochaa mai.n bachchaa huu.N %(whether everyone has thought, i am a kid) ##choclate## khaane me.n ##tension## hai duudh piine me.n ##tension## hai %(there is tension in eating choclate, there is tension in drinking milk) ##tension tension tension## laanat hai jii us par duniyaa me.n hii rahakar %(let he be doomed, who, staying in this world) duniyaa me.n jo jiine ke andaaz ko naa jaane %(does not know the style of living in this world) maathe yaa haatho.N pe chaa.Nd yaa taaro.n me.n %(on the forehead, or on the palms, or in the moon or in the stars) qismat ko Dhuu.NDhe par Kud me.n kyaa hai ye naa jaane %(searches for fate, but what is his inherent strengths, he does not know) Kud pe hii hamako yaqii.n ho %(let's have faith on just ourselves) mushkile.n raah kii aasaa.N ho %(then the difficulties on the path will get eased) dono.n haatho.n me.n ye jahaa.N ho %(this world will be within our both hands)
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