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haay raamaa ye kyaa huaa kyo.n aise hame.n sataane lage - Rangeela (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Hariharan, Swarnalatha 
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haay raamaa ye kyaa huaa kyo.n aise hame.n sataane lage %(o lord rama, what has this happened, why have you started toturing me like this) tum itanii pyaarii ho saamane ham qaabuu me.n kaise rahe.n %(you are so much beautiful that in front of you how can i remain in control) jaa_o hamako to aatii sharm hai %(go away, i am taken over by shame) terii aisii adaa pe to fidaa ham hai.n %(on your this style, i am attracted to) taubaa merii taubaa ye bhii kyaa sitam hai aisii zid karane lage %(o god forbid, what is this atrocity, you are insisting on this) jaane tumane kyaa-kyaa sochaa aage-aage ham to ab Darane lage %(who knows what all you have thought for things that will happen after that, now i feel afraid) are sochaa hai ye ki raat aur din tujhe pyaar kare.nge ham %(o, i have thought that day and night i will love you) Darate ho kyuu.N o jaan-e-man mere pyaar se %(why do you feel afraid of my love) kaalii-kaalii zulfe.n gorii-gorii baa.Nhe.n mujhako ta.Dapaane lagii.n %(your black hairlocks, your fair arms, are seducing me) ho.NTh bhiige-bhiige nashiilii ye aa.Nkhe.n pyaas ko jagaane lagii.n %(you wet lips, your intoxicating eyes, are making a thirst grow in me) chho.Do jii aisii baato.n ko roko naa raaho.n ko %(please give up this line of talks, don't hinder me) ho mo.Do naa merii baa.Nho.n ko jaane do naa %(don't twist my arms, let me go)
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