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kyaa kare.n kyaa naa kare.n ye kaisii mushkil haay - Rangeela (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Udit Narayan 
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ye sar ye sar ye ye ye -2 kyaa kare.n kyaa naa kare.n ye kaisii mushkil haay %(what do i do, what do i not do, what is this difficulty, alas) ko_ii to bataa de isakaa haal o mere bhaa_ii %(somebody please tell me its solution, o my brother) ki ek taraf to us se pyaar kare.n ham %(that on the one hand, i love her) aur us ko hii ye kahane se Dare.n ham %(and that i feel afraid of confessing this to herself) roz-roz ham sochataa yahii aaj hamako vo agar mil jaaye kahii.N %(day after day i think just this, that if she meets me today somewhere) to aisaa bolegaa saalaa vaisaa bolegaa khullam-khullaa us pe dil kaa raaz ham kholegaa %(then i will speak this, i moron, will speak that, openly, i will uncover the secret of my heart to her) vo saamane chamakatii hai saa.Ns hii aTakatii hai aur ye zabaa.N jaatii hai phisal %(but when she shines in front of me, my breath halts, and this tongue goes out of control) hey hey hey hey hey -2 ko_ii ba.Dii baat nahii.N hame.n kahanaa thaa jo bhii vo to ham yuu.n bhii kahate magar %(what all i have to say is nothing great, that i would have said in any case, but) phir bhii kahaa nahii.n vajah usakii hai yahii bas inkaar se hamako thaa Dar %(even then i have not said that, the reason is that, just, i was afraid of her refusal) ab kahe.n yaa tab kahe.n kahaa.N kahe.n kab kahe.n %(should i say now, or should i say at some other time, where do i say, when do i say) soch-soch me.n hii vo ga_ii nikal %(i kept on deliberating on all this and she went away)
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