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ma.ngataa hai kyaa vo bolo - Rangeela (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): A R Rahman, Shweta Shetty 
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jaaduu jaaduu jaaduu jaaduu %(magic) o o o o o o o aa_ii aa_ii yo kil vo ma.ngataa hai kyaa vo bolo %(what exactly do you ask for) haa.N bolo %(yes speak up) ma.ngataa hai jaa.N ye le lo %(do you ask for life, you can take this) ye suhaanii shaam %(this enchanting evening) jaaduu aisaa hai hamaaraa %(such is the magic of ours) jo ma.ngataa hai vo milegaa aa aa %(what you ask for that will be given) tumako %(to you) aa_ii yo aa_ii aa_ii yo kil bo ma.ngataa hai jo vo de do %(what i ask for, give me that) aa de do %(come, give me) ma.ngataa hai dil vo de do %(i ask for your heart, give me that) ma.ngataa hai pyaar %(i ask for love) bas is ke sivaa o jaanaa %(only this, other than this, o life) aur kuchh nahii.N ma.ngataa hai %(i don't ask for any other thing) yaa_ii yaa_ii yaa_ii yaa_ii hamako %(to me) dekho-dekho ye phuul aur ye ujaale ye sab hai.n tumhaare %(look, these flowers and these lights, these all are yours) nahii.n-nahii.n in se hame.n hai matalab kyaa diivaane ham tumhaare %(no, not this, what does it all has any meaning for me, i am mad after you) aa_ii aa_ii yu kil vo ma.ngataa hai jaa.N vo bolo %(i ask for life, speak about that) aa_ii aa_ii yuu kil vo haal mera tum kuchh to suno %(listen somewhat to my condition) are suno %(o, listen) kabhii kabhii o jaan-e-jaana.N %(sometimes, o life) dil de dil le dil de dil lene kaa socho to %(give heart, take heart, thing about taking heart) suno suno %(listen, just listen) baat merii samajho %(understand what i am saying) aajaa aajaa tujhako nazaare ham dikhaaye.n %(come, i will show you the sceneries) bahaaro.n se milaaye.n %(i will make you meet the springs) chho.Do-chho.Do kaisii bahaare.n kyaa nazaare %(leave it all, what type of springs, what sceneries) are aa_o dil milaaye.n %(o come, let's meet heart)
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