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ai u.Di u.Di u.Di ... halkii halkii kal raat jo shabanam girii - Saathiyaa (2002)  

Lyrics: Gulzar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Adnan Sami 
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ai u.Di u.Di u.Di, e Kaabo.n kii burii ai hile, e saarii raat bolii halkii halkii kal raat jo shabanam girii %(softly, when the dew had fallen yesterday night) a.Nkhiyaa.N vakhiyaa.N ban ga_ii.n kal to aag me.n Dab-Dab girii %(eyes have become something else, yesterday, tears had fallen in fire) pahalii-pahalii baarish kii chhiiTe.n aisii baarish bhiige ho ho %(the drops of the first rains, such a rain that we got drenched) naa ginaa naa ginaa naa ginaa ho dhaa gaa re naa naa re naa ginaa ulajhii hu_ii thii khul bhii ga_ii thii laT vo raat bhar barasii %(that hairlock was all mixed up, it had also got straightened, that hairlock rained the entire night) kabhii manaaye Kuub sataaye vo sab yaar kii ha.Nsii %(sometimes it cajoles, mostly it teases a lot, that laugh of the friend) chhe.D duu.N mai.n kabhii pyaar se to hotii hai %(if I tease sometime lovingly, then she feels irritated) chho.D duu.N ruuTh ke to bhii to hotii hai %(if I do not attend to her when she is annoyed, even then she starts a war) zi.ndagii aa.Nkho.n kii aayat hai %(life is a holy hymns of eyes) zi.ndagii aa.Nkho.n me.n rakhii terii amaanat hai %(life is a thing belonging to you kept in eyes) zi.ndagii ai zi.ndagii ai zi.ndagii (life, o life, o life) la.D-la.D ke jiine ko ye lafz bhii to.De hai.n %(to live life fighting all the time, i have plucked these words) mar-mar ke siine me.n ye shiishe jo.De hai.n %(i have gone to the verge of death to collect all these glasses in the heart) tum kah do sab naate ma.nzil do socho to %(you say it, all the relations, two destinations, just think) a.mbar pe pahale hii sitaare tho.De hai.n %(there are already just a few stars on the sky) zi.ndagii aa.Nkho.n kii aayat hai palako.n me.n jhapakii hai miiThii shikaayat hai %(their is a trace of ensuing sleep in your eyelids, it is like a sweet complaint) zi.ndagii ai zi.ndagii ai zi.ndagii
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