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kyaa khoyaa kyaa paayaa jag me.n - Samvedna/ Sensitiviy (Non-Film) (2000)  

Lyrics: Atal Bihari Vaajpayi | Music: Jagjit Singh | Singer(s): Jagjit Singh 
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kyaa khoyaa kyaa paayaa jag me.n %(what has been lost and what has been gained in the world) milate aur bichha.Date mag me.n %(while meeting with people and getting seaprated from people in this world) mujhe kisii se nahii.n shiqaayat %(I have no complaint against anybody) yadyapi chhalaa gayaa pag pag me.n %(although I have been cheated at every step) ek dRRiShTi biitii par Daale.n %(let's cast one glance at the past events) yaado.n kii poTalii TaTole.n %(let's open up the baggage of memoires) apane hii man se kuchh bole.n %(let's tell something to our own mind) prathvii laakho.n varSh puraanii %(the earth is millions of years old) jiivan ek anant kahaanii %(life is an unending tale) par tan kii apanii siimaa_e.N %(but body has got its own limitations) yadyapi sau sharado.n kii vaaNii %(though the body has been granted voice to be able to speak for a hundred years) itanaa kaafii hai a.ntim dastak %(it will suffice that whenever the last knock comes) par Kud daravaazaa khole.n %(we should be active to unlatch the door ourselves) apane hii man se kuchh bole.n janm maraN kaa avirat pheraa %(living and dieing is a continuous circle) jiivan ba.njaaro.n kaa Deraa %(life is a camp of gypsies) aaj yahaa.n kal kahaa.N kuuch hai %(today we are here, tomorrow where we will be headed for) kaun jaanataa kidhar saveraa %(who knows where the next dawn will break) a.Ndhiyaaraa aakaash asiimit %(dark sky is unending) praaNo.n ke pa.nkho.n ko taule.n %(let's spread the wings of the soul) apane hii man se kuchh bole.n
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