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ja.ngal me.n hai bole koyal ku ku kuu ... kahii.n aag lage lag jaave - Taal (1999)  

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Asha, Aditya Narayan, Richa Sharma 
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jaa aa aa naa naa naa piir sahaa nahii.n jaaye %(pain has become unbearable) ja.ngal me.n hai bole koyal ku ku kuu ku ku kuu ku ku kuu %(a cuckoo bird is cooing in the Jungle) kahii.n aag lage lag jaave %(even if a fire burst out somewhere, let it burn, who cares) ko_ii naag da.Nse da.Ns jaave %(even if any venomous cobra bites, let it bite, who cares) kabhii gagan gire gir jaave %(even if the sky falls anytime, let it fall, who cares) chaahe.n kuchh bhii ho jaaye %(whatever happens, who cares) is TuuTe dil kii pii.D sahii naa jaaye %(but, the pain of this broken heart is can't be withstood) aavo saiyaa.N aavo saiyaa.N aa_o saiyaa.N aa_o saiyaa.N aa_o saiyaa.N hai hai hau.n hai hai hau.n hai hai hai hai hau.n hai hai hau.n jaaye jaa.N naa jaaye jiyaa %(even when some body dies and his soul leaves his body, his heart is not gone and remains within the dead body) jaaye jiyaa naa jaaye jiyaa %(but, if the heart goes with the beloved one, it is not possible to live) har vaqt guzar jaataa hai %(however long a duration of time passes by) par dard Thahar jaataa hai %(but pain stays for ever) sab bhuul bhii jaaye ko_ii kuchh yaad magar aataa hai %(one may forget everything but something keeps on coming back in our memories) jis pe.D ko bel ye lipaTe %(whichever tree this creeper plant attaches itself to) vo suukhe TuuTe simaTe %(that tree will dry up, will break, will shrink) phuulo.n ke baag kaa vaadaa %(love brings a promise of a garden-full of flowers) par kaa.NTe pale jiyaadaa %(but there are more thorns in any garden than there are flowers) naa davaa lage naa du_aa lage ye prem rog hai hu hu huu %(no medicine heals, no blessing cures, what this illness of love is) pyaar ba.Daa harajaa_ii hai %(love is very unfaithful) par pyaar binaa tanahaa_ii hai %(but there is only loneliness without love) dil mat denaa kahate hai.n %(don't give your heart to anyone, wise persons advise) sab dil dete rahate hai.n %(still everybody keeps on falling in love) jab nii.nd churaa lete hai.n %(when sleep gets stolen by lover) ratajage mazaa dete hai.n %(those sleepless nights, like overnight celebrations, provide immense pleasure) Kushiyaa.N isii ke gam se %(the pain caused by him gives pleasure) raunak isii ke dam se %(there is splendour due to him) ko_ii vachan nahii.n chalataa hai %(no promise can be kept) ko_ii jatan nahii.n chalataa hai %(no efforts succeed) naa ho ye rog to saare log le leve.n jog ho hu hu huu %(if this illness of love had not been there, then every person would have renounced the world and had become a sage) is suune.n dil ki pii.D sahii naa jaaye %( the pain of this uninhabited heart can't be withstood)
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