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teraa luT naa jaaye maal ... paga.Dii sa.mbhaal jaTTaaa - The Legend Of Bhagat Singh (2002)  

Lyrics: Sameer | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sukhvindar Singh, Chorus 
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teraa luT naa jaaye maal oye %(your pride should not get eroded) o jaTTaaa paga.Dii sa.mbhaal is baar oye %(o punjabi man! take care of your turban) lak Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu balle balle lak Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu Tu.Duu balle, o balle, o balle oye oye oye oye oye oye oye oye paga.Dii sa.mbhaal jaTTaa paga.Dii sa.mbhaal oye teraa luT naa jaaye teraa luT naa jaaye maal jaTTaa paga.Dii sa.mbhaal oye to.D gulaamii kii za.njiire.n badal de tuu apanii takadiire.n %(break away the shackles of bondage, you transform your destiny) pa.D jaa aisaa in ke palle kar de in kii balle balle %(go after them in such a way that you become a problem for them) aasmaa.N ko bhii vo jhukaaye jhukaaye yaaro %(O friends! One can get victory over the universe) jo kabhii bhii himmat na haare %(if he does not give up) aadamii yahaa.N pe jo chaahe jo chaahe yaaro %(O friends, that man who wishes to do it) vo zamii.n pe laaye sitaare %(can bring stars to the earth) baa.Ndhaa kis ne tez havaa ko vaqt ko kis ne dekhaa %(who can restrict fast wind, who has seen the time) mehanat se hii badalegii tere haa.Ntho.n kii rekhaa %(by your endeavours, the lines of fate will get changed) ha.Dippaa ha.Dippaa ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha_e ha.Dippaa aaj ham kare.nge ye vaadaa, ye vaadaa, jaTTaa %(today we make this commitment, O punjabi man!) aaj ham kare.nge ye vaadaa bairiyo.n ko mil ke miTaanaa miTaanaa jaTTaa %(that we shall join hands to eradicate the enemies) hai kahii.n tum apanaa iraadaa %(it should not happen that you forgot your intention) faulaadii hai.n baa.Nhe.n terii patthar to hai siinaa %(your arms are like made of iron, your chest is like a stone) kar de kar de in goro.n kaa ab to mushkil jiinaa %(make life difficult for these britishers)
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