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giito.n me.n haradam saragam tumhaarii ho - Tu Hi Mera Dil (1995)  

Lyrics: P K Mishra | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Venugopal 
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giito.n me.n haradam saragam tumhaarii ho %(in the songs, the octave must be yours always) dhun ho tumhaarii aur aavaaz merii %(the tune must be yours and voice mine) ham sab ke jiivan me.n sa.ngiit praN hai %(in the lives of all of us, music is the soul) aaj ham gunagunaaye.n pyaar ke giit dono.n %(let's humm the songs of love today) a.ndaaz do hai.n magar sur to ek hai %(there are two styles but voice is only one) mil ke ham roz gaaye.n sukh-dukh me.n saathii dono.n %(let's sing together everyday, we the companions of happiness and sorrow, both of us) lahare.n hazaaro.n hai.n nadiyaa to ek hai %(there are thousands of waves but the river is one) mil ke ham paar kar le.n jaan-e-man aaj dono.n %(let's together love, o life of mind, both of us)
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