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kal nahii.n thaa vo kyaa hai aaj ye ... chaar hii din kii thii ye rahaguzar - Vishwavidhata (1997)  

Lyrics: P K Mishra | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Sujatha/ Hariharan 
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%Part 1 % kal nahii.n thaa vo kyaa hai aaj ye %(what was not there yesterday, what is this thing today) kah ga_ii.n ye havaaye.n kyaa mujhe %(what these airs have told me in passing) kahii.n ye Kaab to nahii.n kahii.n ye pyaar to nahii.n %(is it not a dream, is it not love) haradam aas ho ga_ii kyuu.N man me.n %(why every moment a hope has arisen in my mind) kal nahii.n thaa vo kyaa hai aaj ye kah ga_ii.n ye havaaye.n kyaa mujhe ye kyaa haal ho gayaa mujh ko ye kyaa ho gayaa %(what this condition of mine has come to, what is this happended to me) haradam aas ho ga_ii kyuu.N man me.n hai Kudaa bhii kahaa.N maa.N kii mamataa binaa %(where is god there without the affection of the mother) svapn aate nahii.n pyaar jaage binaa %(dreams don't turn up without love getting awake) hai kahaa.N ye mohabbat chaahato.n ke binaa %(where is this love without the loves) dha.Dakano.n kii zubaa.n dha.Dakano.n ne sunii %(the language of the heart, hearts have listened to) uTh rahaa hai dhu_aa.N aag to hai vahii.n %(wherever smoke is coming up, fire is very much there) pyaar milataa jahaa.N par zi.ndagii hai vahii.N %(similarly wherever love is found, life is there) aasamaa.N hai jahaa.N hai.n sitaare vahaa.N %(wherever sky is there, stars are there) chaa.Ndanii hai jahaa.N cha.ndramaa hai vahaa.N %(wherever moonlight is there, moon is there) ma.nzile.n hai.n vahii pe pyaar hotaa jahaa.N %(the destinations are just there, where one falls in love) pyaar kii raah me.n aap jo mil ga_e %(in the pathways of love, when you met me) raah me.n hazaaro.n diip kyuu.N jal gaye %(why have thousands earthen lamps got lit on the pathway) aaj kyuu.N mere man me.n phuul khil gaye %(why have flowers bloomed in my mind, today) %Part 2 kal nahii.n thaa vo kyaa hai aaj ye kah ga_ii.n ye havaaye.n kyaa mujhe gaharii nii.nd so ga_ii viiraano.n me.n kho ga_ii %(i slept in sound sleep i got lost in deserts) kaise merii zi.ndagii gujaregii %(how will my life be spent) chaar hii din kii thii ye rahaguzar %(this road was of just four days) ho gayaa aaj puuraa ye safar %(this journey is complete today) tere pyaar kii qasam merii yaad me.n sanam %(i swear in the name of your love, in my memory, o lover) ab ye terii zi.ndagii guzaregii %(now this life of yours will be spent) Katm hotii nahii.n pyaar kii daastaa.N %(the tale of love does not end) khil rahii hai sadaa pyaar se hii fizaa %(the environment is always blooming because of the love) vaqt se bhii puraanaa hai ye silasilaa %(this sequence goes even before the start of time) barasane talak hai baadalo.n kaa safar %(the journey of clouds is till they rain) zi.ndagii talak hai zi.ndagii kaa safar %(the journey of life is till another life) pyaar kaa ye safar to hai sadaa amar %(this jourey of love is just always immortal) kyaa pataa thaa mujhe kyaa hai merii ma.nzil %(what did i know about what is my destination) kyaa pataa thaa tujhe TuuT jaayegaa dil %(you were not knowing that heart will shatter) jaa rahe the kahaa.N ham aa gaye kidhar %(where we were going, where have we come to) mil ke hai bicha.Danaa ye havaa kah ga_ii %(we have to get separated after meeting, the breeze has said that) Gam kaa ye haadasaa kis tarah sah ga_ii %(how did you tolerate this accident of sorrow) zi.ndagii to gujar ga_ii yaad rah ga_ii %(the life has passed away, just memories have remained)
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