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Kud se mai.n la.Dataa huu.N ... taubaa\-taubaa - Vande Mataram (Non-Film) (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): A R Rahman 
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Kud se mai.n la.Dataa huu.N sab se ye kahataa huu.N %(i am fighting war with myself, i say this to everyone that) chaaro.n or jo hotaa hai us se mai.n gussaa huu.N %(whatever is happening all around, i am angry at that) taubaa-taubaa nafs maGaruur hai %(god forbid, our soul has become proudy) taubaa-taubaa sach se duur hai %(god forbid, it has gone away from the truth) taubaa-taubaa dil benuur hai %(god forbid, the heart is without enlightenment) taubaa-taubaa kaisaa daur hai %(god forbid, what times are these) kab aayegaa vaqt vo nayaa %(when will that novel time come) kab paaye.nge sab dil kii aazaadii ko %(when will everybody achieve the freedom of heart) kab aayegii vo pyaarii-pyaarii ek subah %(when will that lovely dawn will come) daulat ba.Dhatii hai roz to amiiro.n kii hii %(as the wealth of just the rich persons is increasing day by day) bhuukh ba.Dhatii hai roz hii gariibo.n kii %(similarly, the hunger of poor persons is increasing day by day) vaado.n se tar zubaa.N vaqt milate hii par %(whenever the time comes the tongue drenched with empty promises) guu.Ngii ho jaatii hai un rahabaro.n kii %(of those street looters become mute) chalate hai.n aka.D ke ye zamii.n pe %(they walk erect on this land) bhuule hai.n kii jaanaa hai ek din us zamii.n me.n %(they have forgotten that they have to go to that land some day) dhabbaa hai dhabbaa ki jaise chaa.Nd pe dhabbaa %(this is a black spot, as if one spot is there on the face of the moon) dhokhaa ye dhokhaa dete hai.n Kud ko dhokhaa %(deception, they are deceiving themselves) socho-socho zaraa kaafii hai ek shamaa %(think a little, one candle is enough) jis se jal uThatii yahaa.N lakho.n shamaa %(from which a million candles get lit here) saarii duniyaa badal jaayegii yaaro par %(entire world will get transformed, friends, but, for that to happen) hai zaruurii badalanaa bas ek kaa %(it is mandatory for just one person to get transformed) muskuraa ke dekhanaa bhii nekii %(it is a good deed to look at somewhen with a smile on your lips) logo.n kii raaho.n se patthar haTaanaa nekii %(it is a good deed to remove stones from the pathways of people) sajadaa tuu sajadaa duniyaa ko naa kar sajadaa %(salutation, you don't salute to the world) sajadaa ho sajadaa bas naam-e-Kudaa kaa sajadaa %(salutation, only in the name of god you should salute)
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