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teraa ek Kayaal ... haa.N chaahataa huu.N mai.n ##only you## - Vande Mataram (Non-Film) (1996)  

Lyrics: Mehboob | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): A R Rahman 
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teraa ek Kayaal ai saahib-e-kamaal %(one thought about you, o the lord of wonders) hai husn-e-jahaa.N se bhii hasiin-o-bemisaal %(is more beautiful and is of no example, compared to the beauty of the world) teraa hii to hai aks chaar suu %(just your image is there in all four directions) teraa hii to hai ai saahib-e-jamaal %(just your color is there, o the lord of beauty) terii hii ta.Dap hai mujhe %(i am just craving for you) chain hii kahaa.N hai mujhe %(where is comfort to me) aa.Nkho.n kii pyaas hai is dil kii aas hai %(the thirst of the eyes, the hope of the this heart) in kii talaash hai ##only you## %(there searching is only you) naa chaahataa huu.N mai.n ye jahaa.N %(i don't desire of this world) naa chaahataa huu.N mai.n jannat vahaa.N %(i don't desire of heavens there) haa.N chaahataa huu.N mai.n ##only you## %(yes i desire of only you) mere vajuud kii tuu hii vajah %(just you are the reason of my existance) mere sujuud kii bhii tuu hii vajah %(just you are the reason of my salutation also) kahataa hai jab tuu mai.n huu.N teraa %(when you say that i am yours) paradaa hai phir kyuu.N darmiyaa.N %(why is there curtain in between) jis ke diidaar ko tarasuu.N vo hai ##only you## %(i am craving for a sight of whoever, he is only you) ##only you only you only you##
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