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mahakii\-mahakii hai.n raahe.n ... hai.n naa - Zubeidaa (2000)  

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik 
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mahakii-mahakii hai.n raahe.n bahakii-bahakii hai.n nigaahe.n hai.n naa %(the pathways are drenched in fragrance, the eyes are not in control, isn't it) haay re haay re haay re haay re ghere hai.n jo ye baa.Nhe.n paa_ii hai.n mai.nne panaahe.n hai.n naa %(as these arms have surrounded me, i have found shelter, isn't it) haay re haay re haay re haay re gaa tuu dil ke taaro.n pe gaa giit aisaa ko_ii nayaa %(sing, you sing on the strings of the heart, some song that is new) jo zi.ndagii me.n kabhii ho naa pahale sunaa %(that i had never heard before in my life) palako.n pe sapane sajaa sapano.n me.n jaaduu jagaa %(adorn the dreams on your eyelids, in the dreams create magic) tuu merii raaho.n me.n chaahat kii shamme.n jalaa %(you light the lamps of love on my pathways) mere dil ne tohafe ye tum se paaye %(my heart has received these gifts from you) dhup thii Gam kii tum laaye saaye %(there was scorching sunlight of sorrows, you had brought shadows) merii ab jo bhii Kushii hai mujhe tum se hii milii hai suno naa %(now whatever my happiness is, i have received from you, please listen) tumhii vo chaa.Ndanii ho jo merii nazaro.n me.n khilii hai %(you are that moonbeam, which has lightened in my eyes) kahii.n ye to nahii.n hai.n vo aa.Nkhe.n hasii.n dekhatii hai.n jo mujhako piyaa %(aren't these those beautiful eyes, which look at me, o lover) jo bhii huu.N terii huu.N bas yahii gun hai meraa %(whatever i am, i am yours, that is the only virtue of mine) dil kii ye zid hai dil kaa hai kahanaa %(this is the insistance of heart, this is what the heart says) saath tumhare is ko hai rahanaa %(it wishes to live with you) chalo kahii.n duur hii jaaye.n na_ii ek duniyaa basaaye.n, suno naa %(come, we shall go somewhere faraway, and construct a new world, please listen) vahaa.N bas mai.n aur tum ho mohabbat me.n ham gum ho.n %(may only i and you be there, may we be lost there in love) ab ho ulajhan ko_ii ab ho ba.ndhan ko_ii ho nahii.n sakate ham ab judaa %(now whatever confusion might be there, now whatever compulsion might be there, we may not get separated now) ye teraa ye meraa aaKarii hai faisalaa %(this is yours, this is mine, last decision)
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